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How a bloody character can walk or run down bustling streets without a single police interaction, or even a concerned pedestrian, WHILE HOLDING AN AXE, becomes a distracting point when trying to decipher the mystery of is a severe miscalculation while attempting to give characters life, setting actors up for failure with bottom-of-the-barrel lines.

Tammin Sursok is the only presence worthy of making an impression, guiding us through twisted connections via Cam2Cam, but her co-stars never stand a chance beyond being floppy red-herrings without personality.

Logging on, Allie becomes interested, but learns of a string of murders committed by a video chatting stalker who would find woman through Cam2Cam and chop their heads off, one of which was staying in Allie’s current room.

Uncertain, she begins to believe the killer is still on the loose, and finds herself in a growing state of paranoia – but is she really the next victim, or just fearful of her current locale?

squanders its potentially rich if hardly underexposed technology-themed premise with a tired, twist-filled mystery plot involving mostly uninteresting characters. It begins promisingly, however, with an extended opening sequence that at least briefly will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

Lucy (Jade Tailor), a young American woman staying in Bangkok—a city that is cinematic shorthand for depravity — logs onto to the titular website late at night and begins a flirtatious conversation with a woman, seen only from the neck down, who promptly begins taking off her clothes.

There she meets beautiful French lesbian Marit (Sarah Bonrepaux) and intense Brit Michael (Ben Wiggins), who both immediately begin vying for her affections.

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I’ve spent limited time in internet chatrooms and randomly connected video chats, and I certainly can talkz cheezburger on command, but I’ve never seen anyone shorthand “neighbor” with “naybr.” Really? There’s literally no logic to the above garble, showing how disjointed from modern culture such a script ends up being – a “techno-thriller” that’s unfamiliar with its own source material.Movies like ), and unfortunately it’s also the most disappointing, like a chatroom hottie who won’t even spill her a/s/l.

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